The men

Michel Fabre - The winegrower

Michel, a third-generation grower, trod underfoot the stony soils of his region at a very young age. He quickly became impassioned by the world of wine and has visited most wine-growing regions in France and Latin America. For him, terroir is still the major element determining the taste of wine.
He is driven by tradition, passion and minute detail. He always likens wine to rugby, a game characterised by its rough nature, authenticity, intuition and human values.

Stéphane Derenoncourt - consultant

This spirited man, skin tanned like leather, engaged in a process of learning. He worked, observed, tasted and discovered vineyards and wine through multiple experiences of a variety of labels.

He is interested in the concept of terroir and tradition. He takes inspiration from the Bourguignon model and uses minerality and freshness to develop his own more intuitive and less systematic working methods. Wine is a meeting, a story of men. His approach combines good sense, respect for a clearly understood manual trade, and tasting as tools for decision-making. He creates wines which he likes to drink and to share.

Julien Lavenu, associate at Derenoncourt Consultants.
Since 1999 Stéphane Derenoncourt has initiated him in a more subjective way of thinking based on the global model which promotes sensitivity and creativity.

News of the Vignoble

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Welcoming you

Wine tasting
Oenology courses
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November 22 2012

News of the Vignoble

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Discover the vineyards of Villa Baulieu

Trip to the senses with the new 2012 vintage
November 22 2012


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